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AlSiC Hermetic Packaging

AlSiC Hermetic Packaging
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AlSiC Hermetic Packaging Advantages
  40 – 60% lighter weight than CuMo and CuW
  Lower cost than CuMo and CuW
  Thermal expansion matching for direct attachment of GaAs and substrates
  High thermal conductivity
      AlSiC-9: 180 W/mK minimum
  Readily available material
     Standard and non-standard base thicknesses
     Complex shapes without machining

  Meets MIL-PRF-38534, Appendix C, Table-VI
   Military, aerospace and  communications applications

   Systems subject to shock and vibration
   Weight sensitive applications
Hermetic Seals
   Thermal expansion matched seal
      CPS matched seals are produced  by the “Two Step Sealing Process” for the most robust hermetic seal
   Brazed ceramic feedthrus for high power applications

CPS Certified to ISO 9001:2008 Standard
   CPS provides quality assurance testing to MIL-STD 883 and MIL-STD 202; CPS is compliant to DFARS clause 252.225- 7014 ALT.1, RoHS and REACH.
CPS Matched Hermetic Seals
   CPS matched seals are produced by the “Two Step Sealing Process” for the most robust hermetic seal.
CPS Plating Capabilities
   Electroless Nickel per MIL-C-26074, ASTM B-733 and AMS 2404
   Electrolytic Nickel per QQ-N-290 and ASTM B-689
   Gold per ASTM B-488 and MIL-DTL-45204
   Chromate per MIL-DTL-5541

CPS Test Capabilities
   Air to Air temperature cycle/shock per MIL-STD-883, method 1010
   Steam age/solderability testing per MIL-STD-883, method 2003
   Liquid to Liquid per MIL-STD-883, method 1011
   Lead Fatigue per MIL-STD-883, method 2004
   Hermeticity validation to 1 x 10-10cc/sec of helium per MIL-STD- 883, method 1014, condition A4
   Insulation resistance to 10 GΩ at 500 VDC per MIL-STD-883, method 1003
   Salt spray per MIL-STD-883, method 1009
   Compliance to JEDEC Std. 9 and MIL-STD-883

      DUNS # 12-099-8661
      CAGE Code 46613
      Registered with the U.S. Dept. of State Trade Directorate of Defense (ITAR)

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